Week 1


I’ve been saying to myself I will begin updating this once I am sorted but right now I have no idea when that will be, so here we go.

I arrived in Toronto a week ago today & I really wish I could say I’m doing better (although at the same time I am doing fine). I haven’t found anywhere to live yet but I have been to see a load of rooms and I think I have something lined up. I moved at a bad time of the month and rooms available instantly are few and far between. So I patiently sit here waiting to hear back about places hoping it happens soon, living out of a bag is getting old quickly. I moved into a private hostel room today, it’s not great but again, it’s fine.

I’ve walked A LOT over the last week and still feel like I have barely seen the city, maybe tomorrow I will walk down and see the lake. My daily routine at the moment is moving between coffee shops in downtown applying for jobs and rooms then moving on when i feel like I can no longer make it look like I’m still nursing the same cup of coffee.

I need to get myself into a better routine, I’ve been eating one meal a day (mostly due to lack of hunger) then wondering why I feel weird, it’s nearly 7pm and all I’ve eaten today is a blueberry bagel.

This feels like a really negative post but I actually do feel good about being here, I just need to find somewhere permanent to lay my head – if I was in London I wouldn’t have found a room yet either, so I think I just need to stop comparing myself to others and get on with it. I’m not very good at change which is why I stayed in London for so long so attacking this head on is good,  I can keep going for a while longer so there’s no need for this to be as negative as it may seem. I’ve never really been a PMA kind of person but maybe this is the start of it.